That, We Can Make Happen. ✿

Joel Spolsky, on Dave Winer:

Get your own space, write compelling things, and if your ideas are smart, they'll be linked to, and Google will notice, and you'll move up in PageRank, and you'll have influence and your ideas will have power.

Can do.

Or at least he thinks he is. ✪

Buzz Andersen: Three Weeks with the iPhone

I've spent the last week wandering around a strange and daunting city (New York), and the iPhone's maps app has helped me enormously (I've even been able to give directions to tourists on the street without actually knowing where I'm going myself).

Wait 'til FSJ finds out. PR rules don't stop once you leave the mothership. He'll read the contract a little more closely next time.

Sincerity and/or Form ✪

I wanted to write a site for some it's meant for. That reader I write for is a second version of me. I'm writing for him.
And I'm reading for me.

(Me and the Panic Scrawny via Shawn Blanc.)


(Thanks to Seth Dillingham for the snap).